About approach about crime prevention

February 1, 2013
1.Basic aim
We promote "churasan exercise" to work on in citizen of the prefecture acting as a body, and basics aim for social realization to realize that local resident became safe.

2.Process of measure

Towards the Japan's safest area, we develop measure in each field on the basis of approach that area, company, administration were united generally.

3.Basic direction

Basic direction of measure to propel basic aim concretely is three points of next of churasan motion.
(1) churahitozukuri (2) churamachizukuri (3) churayuizukuri


(1) churahitozukuri
It is necessary for basics of safe community improvement to plan healthy upbringing of children carrying the local future from point of view that it is made with people. Specifically,
○Young healthy upbringing
Children have right model awareness and bring up to be able to run healthy life as social member
○The young people damage prevention activity
We carry out safety education for children not to encounter damage of crime
○The making of young place to stay
We carry out the making of place to stay, society participation in planning activity of children including upbringing of child EISA that threw public facilities open
○Enforcement of local greetings campaign
We promote a roar motion by old man society, residents' association, PTA, young people's association, children's association, women's society and breed feeling to bring up children in area
(2) churamachizukuri
Will and enthusiasm that local resident each one makes their towns better even a little are necessary, and it is necessary to find environment that is security/safety such as paths of attending school, park in area and job area to realize safe town. Specifically,
○Road, park, security measures in parking (ring) place
Road, park, structure such as parking lots, setting of road lighting to carry out safe check of facilities to make facilities one which considered prevention of crime, and to raise illumination of the sidewalk, effective promotion of crime prevention measures along guideline including enlargement of lighting of road in park
○Security measures in apartment house
To make apartment house one which considered prevention of crime, effective promotion of security measures along guideline
○Security measures in specific retail store including late-night supermarket
We promote maintenance of security apparatuses such as security cameras in late-night supermarkets to plan prevention of crime in late-night store
○The dark diagnosis, measures
We diagnose place that it is dark, and is dangerous at attending school road or place living every day and are promoted measures for improvement
(3) churayuizukuri
It is necessary to promote activity to regain local solidarity and Yui marl to realize safe area because it is important that local resident each one raises awareness of security and plans horizontal cooperation between inhabitants. Specifically,
○Cooperation reinforcement with prefectural promotion meeting
○Promotion of voluntary security activity
We carry out security patrol by PTA, young people's association to purify young harmful environment
○Safety measures for tourist
We carry out public information enlightenment about ensuring safety of tourist and promote measures such as setting of security billboard in sightseeing spot
○Support for crime victims
We carry out support for private sector to plan uplift of consciousness of citizen of the prefecture to make society environment where crime victims can live in in peace, and to promote activity of private sector carrying out support activity for crime victims
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