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September 4, 2019


Well, let's go out! ... itochan mini

We perform tour bus "itochan mini" in Itoman-shi examination service.

Place that we want to get on and off and demand traffic, that which can choose the departure time freely are "itochan mini".

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Private pick-up bus "bougainvillaea" service start! (May 12, 2008)


Starting ceremony of private pick-up bus "bougainvillaea" was performed at Itoman-shi government office parking lot on 12th and started service.


 It is Itoman citizen 65 years or older that is available. Fare is free. User needs issuance of identification of ride procedure in Itoman-shi government office plan Development Section. For the use application that started on April 12, 105 people go through the procedure at the time of service start of 12th.


 "Bougainvillaea" named pick-up bus which office of Itoman driving school, the southern part Hospital, Nishizaki Hospital operates generally, and vacant seat of pick-up bus is utilized.


 Itoman-shi pick-up bus utilization model business is intended areas that we cannot cover in public transit such as existing route buses and that by utilizing pick-up bus of cooperation office in time, plan going out support of elderly person and improvement of traffic inconvenience area.


 Mayor Nishihira "is the prefecture's first approach in starting expression. We make environment where elderly person can go out positively and say hello saying we want to support to be able to send vivid life. Association of Itoman-shi golden age club society, Muneyoshi Taira, chairperson "there are a lot of elderly people who want to participate in local event. We said hello on behalf of user to live a life with purpose of life saying we are sincerely pleased with service of pick-up bus.


 Service time and inquiry about the business including course to plan Development Section 840-8246.


Bougainvillaea image 1
In private pick-up bus "bougainvillaea" of municipal emblem and bougainvillaea
Sticker which letter was written down is put
Bougainvillaea image 2
Bougainvillaea leaves while the person concerned waves the hand!



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