[7/11] Nishizaki recreation pool OPEN!

July 10, 2020

[business start]
 Saturday, July 11 9:30 ... (from reception desk 8:30)
※With coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, we do not perform ceremony this year.

[normal business]
 Until from 9:30 to 17:10 of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays of from July 11 to the end of September
 ※But, on cleaning day, we are absent. For more details, to the administrative office of the park
 ※On the day there is pool in the use ticket service for customer staying at sports lodge Itoman


Contents The city rate The suburbs rate
Adult (public, university) 620 yen 800 yen
Child (primary, middle and high schools) 410 yen 530 yen
Infant 200 yen 260 yen
Visitor 300 yen 390 yen

[attention in case of the outdoor use]

 Morning, afternoon 2 bunyu*

 The number of people restrictions (to 200 once)

 ※For new coronavirus infectious disease expansion preventive measures, please cooperate as follows.

 1.Social distance which avoids mask wearing at the time of entrance and exit, 3 dense o

 2.Entry of the use application paper (address, phone number, full name)

 3.Of locker room, shower room is unavailable

 To avoid 4.3 dense o, outdoor user of indoor pool is unavailable


 Administrative office of the park ☎098-992-7961





Nishizaki outdoors recreation pool