About application of guidelines about manager guarantee [the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency]

July 10, 2014

To managers of medium and small-sized business, small business
... which there was rule that we could leave certain cost of living for even if we borrowed money from financial institution without ... personal security, and business failed 

 Application of "guidelines about manager guarantee" announced on December 5, 2013 by "guidelines workshop which assumed Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Japanese Bankers Association the secretariat about manager guarantee" was started on February 1, 2014.
 In these guidelines, it is set that we leave constant cost of living for cases to meet constant condition even if we perform thing and a large amount of personal security which do not demand personal security of manager, and it is contents for the purpose of improvement of conventional financing custom that came depending on personal security.

[about personal security of manager]
 Personal security become needless in cases that it is said that assets necessary for 1 operation are owned by corporation, and corporation and personal assets, accounting are separated into definitely.
 Being continued living in thing and home which "is not gorgeous" where cost of living constant at hand remains when we decided business reproduction and business closing early even if we perform personal security of 2 a large amount before management comes to a deadlock.
 As a general rule, the debt remainder that cannot pay back at the time of observance of a contract of 3 cautionary obligations being exempted. 

※"Guidelines about manager guarantee" that we fixed the items mentioned above for were devised under the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, Financial Services Agency leadership. Please refer for person who wants to be talked about with financial institution based on guidelines to "medium and small-sized business base maintenance mechanism Okinawa office". We provide consultation and do dispatch of expert as needed.

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