Recruitment of "Itoman-shi citizen suggestion type town development business 2015" application groups

May 1, 2015

 In Itoman-shi, we push forward "rich town development of connection".
 We solve local problem by their power, and this business is business to support group and group which are going to produce local vitality.
 Do you not challenge town development that you made use of everyday thought and idea in with friend? We look forward to application.
Supporting target group
 Place of main activity is the city, and we are comprised of five or more, and the majority is for residence, working or citizen group at school in the city. We have rules as citizen's groups, and it is necessary for representative, officer to be set.
 We support 1 group and, as a general rule, do grant of subsidy to twice in total. But, about group which passed for two years from the year of the last grant, we can apply again (we reckon from 2013).
Supporting target business
 For community realization that citizen's group or group are livable, we assist for town development business to work on for the purpose of local activation and local problem solution voluntarily (we carry out in the city).
Supporting target business
 (1) Town development business that citizen groups which are going to begin activity from now on perform
 (2) New town development business that citizen groups moving into action in the city perform
  ※It is for we widen past approach, and improve step, not only new approach but also working.
Type of subsidy
 ・100,000 yen course → 4 groups
 ・300,000 yen course → 2 groups
Application method
 (1) Application period from Saturday, May 16 to Tuesday, June 16 18:00
 (2) Application
  1. Business application (the style first) which is targeted for civic suggestion type town development business subsidy
  2. Civic suggestion type town development business proposal (attached sheet 1)
  3. Business cash budget book (attached sheet 2)
  4. Others list of members, rules of a society and financial statements material of rules, last year
 (3) The fingers with application
   You download, or please obtain from city homepage or Itoman social movement support center blog in us below for inquiries.
   ・Public facilities such as libraries in Itoman-shi social movement support center, civic life Environment Division (the second floor of the city hall), Itoman-shi
 (4) Application procedure
   You refer to offer essential point, and please make bringing or mail (you must arrive by the deadline day) to Itoman-shi social movement support center (the Itoman-shi Chuo-shi hall).
   <〒 901-0361 Itoman-shi 989-83, Itoman Itoman-shi central market C ridge 69> 
Program concerned
(1) Business briefing session and 2014 business briefing session ※Anyone can participate.
  After having explained offer contents of civic suggestion type town development business, we hold briefing session by grant group in last year.
   ・Saturday, May 16 from 14:00 to 15:30
   ・If blow up Itoman-shi; hall (city hall the second floor of the water department)
   ・Business report by explanation - 2014 grant group of offer contents

 (2) Application form lecture ※Anyone can participate.
  Including four resources of group administration, we hold how to use subsidies and how to write application, lecture about presentation.
   ・Saturday, June 6 from 14:00 to 16:00
   ・If blow up Itoman-shi; hall (city hall the second floor of the water department)
   ・Reading - application how to write offer essential point - simulated presentation

※For more details, you confirm offer essential point, or please contact reference.
 2015 citizen suggestion type (grant summary) .pdf(159KBytes)
 2015 citizen suggestion type (offer essential point) .pdf(661KBytes)
 2015 citizen suggestion type (application style) .doc(86.5KBytes)
Reference link
 Itoman-shi social movement support center/2015 civic suggestion type town development business blog article
 Town sen * Itoman-shi social movement support center
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