[report] 2016 Itoman-shi citizen suggestion type town development business subsidy grant group

May 23, 2016
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We raise from April 1 to April 31 and report Itoman-shi citizen suggestion type town development business, adoption result of 2016 decided in the examination committee of May 14 as follows.

◆100,000 yen course (including second of 4 groups ※ 300,000 yen course out of application 3 group) presentation order

Group name : Itoman sailing ship sabani promotion society
Business name : Excavation of fisher culture. Ancestor made eku with evergreen tree of the family Theaceae
Contents : Fisher whom reckless deforestation advances and hardly saw in southern district is approach to plant a tree, and to make eku, and to connect tree and "evergreen tree of the family Theaceae" (evergreen tree of the family Theaceae) to call with the succession, development of traditional culture of eku (oar)

Group name : Tootsy healthy from foot
Business name : Foot fir tree hygiene to have by oneself
Contents :Approach to connect with utilization of communication through holding of foot fir tree hygiene workshop and parent and child foot fir tree exchange meeting for any people regardless of age or sex, performing volunteer to elderly person facilities again

Group name : Innovation Itoman
Business name : We program ... kids itoman towards town of IT ITOMAN
Contents :Approach to plan IT-related career education based on Itoman-shi being appointed in information and communication special ward by producing video which experiences programming targeting at the city students, and conveys charm of Itoman, and delivering

Group name : NPO love sankurabu
Business name : Activity of love that rooted in area
Contents :Approach that we provide meal targeting at to elderly person from child having annoyance in love restaurant and perform help, rekureshon, pickup and drop-off of homework, and local place to stay makes

◆300,000 yen course (2 groups out of application 7 group) presentation order

Group name : itoman cinema club
Business name : Movie viewing and people's culture interchange
Contents :Approach that to hold around market group and film festival at the regular screening society and discussion, night of Itoman general rules pull, and to send the state with public information paper, and citizen interchanges through movie and connects with the culture consciousness formation

Group name : Association of Itoman-shi softball
Business name : We work on tea ball Festival and the spread
Contents :Approach to aim at improvement in base expansion, competition of ball type competition while planning civic health promotion, interchange between generations through holding of tea ball Festival (tentative name) and competition instruction meeting and lecture with that
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