About "Itoman-shi oldness and support donation" (hometown tax)

June 29, 2020
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 ○Please be careful about fraud sites of hometown tax. 
  In the whole country, existence of fraud site that camouflaged receptionist of hometown tax is confirmed.
  We would like hometown tax to Motoichi from the next site. 

  [site for exclusive use of hometown tax]

  Oldness and choice (TRUST Co., Ltd. bank) Point system from this ※Function is with the settlement

  Rakuten Ichiba (Rakuten) ※Function is with the settlement

  It looks like it falls (JTB)

  ・We get up and fall (company easy Seth innovation)


Itoman-shi oldness and support donation

 We love Itoman-shi and raise donation from person (individual, corporation) who is going to support hometown widely and carry out for the purpose of by letting business reflect a lot of thought of donor, it being in unique "hometown" with dream.

 About oldness and support contribution from person living in the suburbs, we perform "support thank you campaign".

 [contribution application method]
 ▼Contribution application by 1/Internet
  Apply from "the site (with the settlement function) for exclusive use of hometown tax" mentioned above.
  ※Payment with credit card is enabled.

 ▼Contribution application by 2/mail

  ※As destinations such as applications are changed by business trust after Heisei 28.9 month, please be careful.
  Contribution application. docx(37.9KBytes) / Contribution application. Please send the requirements to the following destinations after the entry in pdf(256KBytes).
   Destination : 〒 390-8770
                   P.O. Box 8
                   Call center where it looks like we wave JTB (hometown tax)
                   TEL 0570-666-532

  ※We send payment notice as soon as I can see application. Please pay in financial institution. 

We can appoint use of donation!

 In oldness and support donation (hometown tax) system, donor can appoint use of donation.
 Unlike the general tax payment, it is merit of hometown tax to be enacted simply because it is contribution.
 We can choose use from all over seven one of next (impossibility to plurally select).

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Education and culture
We promote of this

Health medical care,
Improvement of welfare, disaster prevention

Town development

Such as road, park
Base maintenance

Industrial promotion

Promotion of peace,
Expansion, creation of the country, international exchange

Of collaboration
Town development


The results of donation

[the past results]

■The H21 results. pdf(83.7KBytes)  ■The H22 results. pdf(94.4KBytes) ■The H23 results. pdf(101KBytes)

■The H24 results. pdf(108KBytes)   ■The H25 results. pdf(51.1KBytes) ■The H26 results. pdf(204KBytes)

■The H27 results. pdf(285KBytes)   ■The H28 results. pdf(294KBytes)   ■The H29 results. pdf(245KBytes)

■The H30 results. pdf(290KBytes)   The R1 results. pdf(3.35MBytes)


[donation utilization business]

○H27 donation utilization business report. pdf(388KBytes)

○H28 donation utilization business report. pdf(12.8MBytes)

○H29 donation utilization business report. pdf(6.12MBytes)

○H30 donation utilization business report. pdf(2.71MBytes)

R1 donation utilization business report. pdf(8.73MBytes)

Procedure, flow of contribution

 Application method is the Internet, email, mail, FAX, telephone (please keep receipt of ※ donations certificate carefully).
 Image of oldness and support contribution. jpgSubtraction such as income tax with donation. jpg

The handling financial institution (payment of contribution)

 Japan Post Bank treats person living in outside the prefecture and becomes financial institution.
 We include payment with payment notice to send from city hall (there is not fee that we begin to pay with each engine). 

Person who lives in outside the prefecture Japan Post Bank
Person who lives in the prefecture Bank of the Ryukyus Kaiho, Okinawa Bank Bank of Okinawa
Japan Post Bank JA Okinawa  Itoman fishermen's cooperative association


About subtraction of tax

 It sets a ceiling of about 20% (※) of personal residence tax income percent about part more than 2,000 yen in donations to Itoman-shi to become a target of tax subtraction, and the amount of a tax is subtracted in conjunction with income tax.
 For example, when we donate by the end of 2019, deductions from income are made by income tax final income tax return of 2019, and, as for the individual residence tax, for is had tax credit of in 2020.
 ※All cases may not be 20%. For more details, please refer to Tax Affairs Section (☎840-8128) or living inhabitants' tax department in charge.
■About summary of "hometown tax system" (page of Tax Affairs Section)
■About the donation taxation system of personal residence tax (page of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)


[one stop exception system]
 The foundation (from April 1, 2015) of hometown tax one stop exception system
 It is structure which is special mark that can receive donation subtraction to modify hometown tax by one stop by applying to tax payment ahead group only for (within 5 groups) about salaried employees who do not need final income tax return when there is little number of the tax payment groups when we do hometown tax. Person hoped for, please send application in conjunction with application for donation.
One stop exception application. pdf(47.5KBytes) / One stop exception application (about entry) (282KBytes)

 ※As entry of number (my number) personal than 2016 (Heisei 28) is necessary, I would like understanding and cooperation.
 ※Application receptionist for contribution in 2019 (Heisei 31) closed.
  Person that donation subtraction is hoped for attaches receipt of donations certificate that you remitted, and please perform final income tax return.
 ※When there is change in application contents (except phone number) by January 1 in the next year of age that we contributed application to after the submission, we list the requirements in change notification form, and submission, please by January 10 in the next year in year when we donated.
One stop exception application matter change notification form. pdf(38.9KBytes)


Support thank you campaign 2020


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