About loan system of setting fund of drainage

May 14, 2018

1.Connection to the sewer

Drainage construction

 We make drainage construction and remodel toribensho into flush lavatory and say construction of facilities pouring into the sewer with life drainage such as kitchen and bath ground. We abolish human waste septic tank, and construction adjacent to the sewer is similar, too.
 As for this construction, company or user bears expense and is construction to ask in "drainage-designated construction shop", and to perform that city appointed.

 Setting duty of drainage

  When the sewer is completed and becomes able to use, all of you of in-service start area must install drainage as soon as possible. (sewer method Article 10) cross again, and toribensho is required to remodel into flush lavatory within three years. (3 of sewer method Article 11), in in-service start area, build widow now, and the enlargement, rebuilt do rest room to install in flush lavatory, and must connect to the sewer. (Building Standard Act Article 31)

Loan system of setting fund of drainage

 In the in-service start area, city lends the fund with no interest for drainage to remodel, and to connect to the public sewer to setting and flush lavatory. Please use. (application is necessary before having access to drainage, and constructing)

 Contents conditions
Loan limit

Less than 250,000 yen.
※When we receive the sewer connection promotion business subsidy, amount of money that deducted the supporting amount of money from estimate amount of money is limit.

Interest No interest
Repayment method It is less than 40 times (by hope) of every month principal equality payment in installments from the next month of the moon which we loaned.
Loan requirements * We recognized loan with thing according to ordinary household or this if suitable.
* Being user who obtained owner of house or owner's consent.
* Paying city tax and waterworks rate fully.
* Person who it is difficult to bear construction cost at 1:00, but has repayment capacity of debt tray iron after having received debt.
* There is certain joint surety (other than lodger).
Attached documents

○At the time of application
   1.It is written consent of land, homeowner city tax, waterworks rate full payment certificate 3 resident's card certified copy 2
   4.It is assets certificate income certificate 5

 ・Joint surety
   1.It is income certificate city tax, the top, the sewer rate full payment certificate 2

○After the loan decision
   1.It is revenue stamp seal registration certificate (applicant, joint surety) 3 signed acknowledgment of a debt 2

  Debt tray application. pdf(68.3KBytes)

  Bill. pdf(32.1KBytes)


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