About premature infant nurture medical system

March 5, 2019


With premature infant nurture medical care

 Based on maternal and child health method Article 20, it is system to pay a part of expense for public money for child who there is unripe gender, and needs nurture with medical institution.

Eligible people

 Premature infant who had address in Itoman-shi, and admitted that doctor needed hospitalization nurture. (when we correspond to any of the following)

(1) Person with birth weight 2,000 grams or less

(2) Vital energy is particularly feeble and shows either symptom to advocate next

  Oh, general state

   (a) Exercise anxiety, person with convulsions

   (i) Person abnormally with a little exercise

  Person who is with 34 degrees centigrade or less of i temperature

  Cormorant respiratory cardiovascular system

   (a) Person who repeats person lasting for extreme cyanosis, cyanotic attack

   (i) Person that ventilatory frequency shows a tendency toward increase more than 50 a minute or is 30 a minute or less

   (u) Strong person of bleeding tendency

  Oh, it is alimentary system

   (a) It is person without bowel movement more than 24 hours after birth

   (i) Person who vomiting can last more than 48 hours after birth, and is scattered

   (u) Hemoid vomitus, person with hemoid flight

  o jaundice

   (a) Appear within several hours after life, or person with abnormally strong jaundice

Documents necessary for application

    1.Nurture medical care statement of position (from hospital) 

    2.Nurture medical care payment application (protector entry) (78.9KBytes)

    3.Household record and the amount of a tax certificate (protector entry) (77.4KBytes)

    4.Written oath (protector entry) (49.0KBytes)

    5.Proxy (protector entry) (69.8KBytes)
    6.Health insurance card (possible in the space such as qualifications) of target child

    7.Copy of identification of social position of applicant (protector) ※Driver's licenses

    8.Copy of bankbook in the name of protector (transfer of child medical expenses)
    9.We know my number of all the members of household

    10.Income tax certificate and withholding slip (documents which the income amount of a tax was listed in) ※When there is for application from July to March in last year when we encounter application from April to June, please prepare for certificates in this year.

About expense

 About hospitalized medical expenses, it is paid in insurer burden, public expenditure (premature infant nurture medical care) basically. Co-payment occurs according to income of household, but can receive refund by the child medical expenses furtherance. But please note that you are paid privately about insurance expense out of the application.

            Insurer burden (80%)

Large amount

Medical expenses

Premature infant

Nurture medical care


(targeted for child medical expenses)



 ・As health insurance participation of target child is necessary, please perform participation procedure immediately.

 ・Please apply during hospitalization of child by all means.

 ・As verges such as change of medical institution, extension of period need road procedure according to, please contact.


Child future section
Person in charge of child policy
Telephone: 098-840-8191
Facsimile: 098-840-8154