It is the Nakazato highest award by poster design!

February 27, 2019

Commendation ceremony of national high school synthesis physical education meet weightlifting competition poster program cover design was held in city hall on February 27 in 2019, and Haruka Nakazato (three years) of Itoman High School won the highest award, and certificate of merit and souvenir were presented by Chairperson Akira Uehara executive committee.

We planned common knowledge of "national high school synthesis physical education meet weightlifting competition" held in Nishizaki, Itoman-shi general gymnasium in July, 2019, and after recruiting poster and designs of program to raise the time, one point of highest award, award for excellence five points were chosen from many entries.

Haruka Nakazato "is glad that she can win the highest award. In weightlifting competition, we told, we described with feeling to want you to try momentary scene which looked up, and put up, and exerted all the strength, and held out hard with hope.

Akira Uehara, chairperson "congratulations on won all of you. About work chosen as the highest award, we said hello saying we used as poster and flag, publicity work including cover of program and want to enliven meeting.

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