We hold commemorative event on 100 days before national high school entirety holding in 2019!

May 1, 2019

We held panel exhibition as commemorative event in the first floor of the city hall municipal hall on 100 days before national high school entirety (inter-school athletic meet) holding in 2019 from April 15 through 26th.

In exhibit space, we displayed newspaper of high school student activity in the prefecture and southern introduction of the competition site of four prefectures of Kyushu, prize-winning work six points of the competition poster original picture and introduced figure which high school student worked on for success of meeting from the viewpoint of "we support" as well as high school student who participated in competition positively.

It is under another 100 days until national high school entirety holding.

I would like your cooperation to be able to spend time to high school student and the person concerned who come to come from the whole country comfortably. 


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