Recruitment of "underwater exercise classroom" student attending a lectures

May 9, 2019

Targeting at adult men and women in the city, we hold beginner swimming, underwater fitness, underwater walking lesson.
Participation is free. Please participate (※ knee ache, person with low back pain perform light muscular workout instruction to be able to perform underwater).


 1.Beginner swimming course (20 capacity)
 2.Underwater fitness course (20 capacity)
 3.Underwater walking course (20 capacity)

Underwater exercise classroom holding essential point. pdf(80.0KBytes)

The date

 Thursday, May 30, Tuesday, June 4, 7th Friday, four days of 11th Tuesday in total
 ※With four days time from 19:30 to 21:00 (in the reception desk 19:15 ...)


 Nishizaki Sports Park pool


 Adult man and woman living in the city


 Itoman-shi Board of Education Physical Education Section TEL: 098-840-8164

The application deadline

 Until Tuesday, May 28 17:00 (※ telephone receptionist is possible. We close as soon as it reaches capacity)


 1.When you suffer injuries, please join accident insurance by each person as we give only emergency measure, and organiser does not take any responsibility.
 2.As for person having chronic disease with otitis media, the person that death by drowning is prohibited again by diagnoses of doctor, please refrain from participation of classroom.
 3.Please set up swimsuit, cap, towel, goggles. We are not doing rental.




Board of Education leadership Physical Education Section
Person in charge of social physical education
Telephone: 098-840-8164