Under recruitment of the second Itoman-shi citizen suggestion type town development business subsidy application groups

June 4, 2019

As for the civic suggestion type town development business, voluntary citizen's group; is independent, and assist of business expense for town development business to plan, and to carry out! 

Business name

Civic suggestion type town development business

Deadline for receptionist

Friday, June 21

Participation qualifications

Please confirm offer essential point
Offer essential point. pdf(4.33MBytes)

Submission documents

Submission documents. docx(19.4KBytes)
List of members. docx(17.2KBytes)


After checking offer essential point, please submit to Itoman-shi social movement support center (Itoman-shi government office the second floor of the water service department).

Social movement support center town terrace
〒901-0364 1-1, Shiozakicho, Itoman-shi
TEL 098-851-8002
HP http://machiterrace.com


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Civic life Environment Division
Itoman-shi government office annex 2F charge town terrace
Telephone: 098-851-8002