About temporariness, special benefit for Itoman-shi unmarried Child Rearing Allowance recipient

June 18, 2019

It is decided as measure of country to provide unmarried single-parent household with benefit in particular temporariness to support poverty of child while it becomes consumption tax rate increase from October, 2019.


17,500 yen (together with recipient household)

Application reception desk period

From Thursday, August 1, 2019 to Friday, January 31, 2020

Supply eligible people

Person who corresponds to all following requirements

1.Father receiving supply of Child Rearing Allowance for November, 2019 or mother

2.Person (in the same day, life and death of person who is not doing common-law marriage or the virtually married other party are limited to person who is not clear.) that law has not got married so far in October 31, 2019

※As a general rule, about rearer, it is not unmarried temporariness to be targeted for payment of benefit. But we are targeted for supply when "rearer brings up child (if, e.g., grandparents grandchild) of unmarried father or mother" when "we adopt".

Application and supply method

Application and supply method are three kinds of next. But account is limited about the third when there is reason including nonuse. In addition, report of present situation going through the procedure of Child Rearing Allowance performs application reception desk of benefit at the same time when it was done the next agency in procedure of report of present situation. We would like mention to application enclosed by notice of report of present situation guidance, preparations for submission beforehand.

1.Mail application: Applicant submits application to city by mail and transfers to account of financial institution where city was notified of by applicant

2.Window application: Applicant submits application to window of city and transfers to account of financial institution where city was notified of by applicant

3.Receipt of window cash: Applicant submits application to city in the window of by mail or city and provides by city issuing cash at the window concerned

As a general rule, transfer becomes Child Rearing Allowance transfer account. When we appoint account particularly, attachment of copy of bankbook and bank card which "financial institution name, account number, account holder of a title deed" (kana) understand is necessary.

Supply time

January, 2020 supply. But we may be late depending on application month.

Submission documents

1.Application (style fifth relations) → You download from Motoichi window or the following "distribution materials", and please use.

2.Copy of a person's family register (abridgment) → Thing which recipient was listed in is necessary.

3.Identity verification documents → When we hope for transfer to Child Rearing Allowance transfer account, identity verification documents is unnecessary.

※We may demand additional submission of documents as needed.


・We publish this article for the purpose of common knowledge of business assuming approval of budget and carry out business with approval of budget.

Distribution material

Unmarried temporary benefit guidance (Itoman-shi) (848KBytes)

Application (Article 5 relations) before October 31 (179KBytes) application mention method (before October 31) (513KBytes)

Application (Article 5 relations) after October 31 (173KBytes) application mention method (after October 31) (508KBytes)


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