[to all of the companies] Are you ready for increase in the consumption tax rate?

June 27, 2019

 From October, consumption tax rate is raised except "eating and drinking charges product except alcoholic beverages, eating out" and "newspaper doing standing order" this year to 10%. Consumption tax rate when we sell eating and drinking charges product and other products in supermarket, drugstore, retail store, restaurant becomes reduction tax rate (8%) and plural tax rates of standard tax rate (10%), and it is necessary to list total amount of money in receipt, receipt, bill every tax rate.
 Therefore, we carry out assistance to the replacement by purchase purchase, repair expense to plural cash registers for tax rate in Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. When we use subsidy, there is deadline for application.
 I would like early confirmation and preparations whether plural cash registers of errand are supporting tax rate now. In addition, in National Tax Agency, we establish reduction tax rate system special site and publish held schedules of Q&A and briefing session.

We publish about subsidy systems such as the cash register purchase or system repair on homepage of the reduction tax rate measures subsidy secretariat.

We carry out participation in "cashless, consumers reduction business" acceptance to support point reduction using cashless means by small and medium size, small scale company.

About the details, please confirm National Tax Agency and reduction tax rate measures subsidy secretariat homepage.

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Cashless, consumers reduction business (product for small and medium size, small companies) [PDF: 201KB]. pdf(201KBytes)

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