Tokyo 2020 Olympics sacred-fire relay Itoman-shi enforcement decision and open call for participants of flame-bearer

July 3, 2019

◆Tokyo 2020 Olympics sacred-fire relay (May 3, 2020) Itoman-shi enforcement decision!

About the Tokyo 2020 Olympics sacred-fire relay, it is carried out in Okinawa in schedule of May 2 and 3 of 2 days in 2020. Itoman-shi becomes the last passage municipalities of Sunday, May 3 of the second day.

In the last point of every day, enforcement of celebration is planned. Celebration celebrates arrival of the last flame-bearer, and "announcement of the sacred fire" and "the completion of relay of the day" become purpose.

The passage municipalities and main enforcement place
Saturday, May 2 [the first day]  Shuri Castle park (Naha-shi) → Yui Rail (Naha-shi) → Kokusai Dori Street (Naha-shi) → The Ginowan city → The Okinawa city → Kaichu Road (Uruma-shi) → The stone wall city → Kayou district (Nago-shi) → Marine Hiroshi Park (Motobu-cho) → Lawn open space (Nago-shi) in front of Nago center public hall
Sunday, May 3 [the second day]  Okinawa karate hall (Tomigusuku-shi) → The Urasoe city → Chatan-cho → Old Zamami beach (Zamami-son) → The Miyakojima city → niraikanai bridge (Nanjo-shi) → Heiwakinen Park (Itoman-shi)

※About route summary, the enforcement municipalities and the turn, celebration venue, we may be changed in future.

◆Open call for participants of flame-bearer 

In Tokyo 2020 Olympics sacred-fire relay Okinawa executive committee, we invite public participation for flame-bearer.

bokikan: It is Saturday, August 31 from Monday, July 1

Application method: We input the requirements and apply for application form of special homepage ( When you cannot apply from homepage, please refer to application leaflet, application paper installing in Okinawa or the municipalities.

Inquiry: Recruitment of Okinawa executive committee flame-bearers call center (0570-200-285)