Aim; top! "High school entirety weight competition opening ceremonies of the whole country"

July 30, 2019

Festival of high school sports, opening ceremony of "high school synthesis physical education meet weightlifting kyogidaikaikomatsukyutamamonokidai 66 times national high school weightlifting competition championship national in 2019" were performed in NBC something four Nishizaki on July 30, and about 403 players participated from 147 whole country.

In opening ceremony, we welcomed players in performance by brass band club of Itoman High School and Tomigusuku south High School.

At opening ceremony Akira Uehara Mayor Itoman "the skill that usually forged is fully shown, and, to players, pray heart for power and the skill and mind open and above board so that it is fruitful meeting to remember in high school days. In addition, through meeting, we said hello let alone players who gathered from the whole country saying we think that we wanted you to deepen ring of interchange with hometown high school student who supported meeting. In addition, represent high school student; and Haruna Shinjo of Itoman High School "let sound; saying "aim at the cause, height of slogan to the sky of our soul south", and is proud of being able to fight against this friend, and instant will do to the fine weather stage remaining in memory throughout the life"; of welcome said hello.

Yuya Sunakawa of Tomigusuku High School weightlifting department took an oath on behalf of player powerfully saying, "also, we promise what we showed past effort for the achievement of own aim as hard as possible and enlivened young soul, and the determination to did with every effort one by one to meet family, supervision, encouragement of coach that we supported before we stood in this place".

Competition is carried out in Nishizaki, Itoman-shi general gymnasium between July 31 and August 3 (official homepage).

To high school entirety Itoman-shi executive committee secretariat (☎840-8164) in detail about this article of the whole country.



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