Condition of a prefecture struggles by high school entirety weight competition!

August 3, 2019

Festival "national high school synthesis physical education meet weightlifting competition" of high school student best biggest sports was started on July 31 in Itoman-shi general gymnasium during August 3, and about 403 players of 147 whole country developed hot fight for whole country one.

Yuya Sunakawa (Tomigusuku) was the seventh place, 67 kilos grade, and Takumi Nagamine I (southern industry) was the eighth place, 89 kilos grade, and Yasushi Shimabukuro Shu (Okinawa fisheries) was the seventh place, 96 kilos grade, and Riki Higa (the headquarters) was the second place, 102 kilos grade, and, in condition of a prefecture, Shunsuke Yamada (Okinawa industry) placed the fourth place in 61 kilos grade.

[meeting result]
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[state of meeting]


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