[during recruitment of student attending a lectures] Exercise classroom ※Beginner warm welcome

September 24, 2019

Targeting at adult men and women in the city, we hold "exercise lesson" for the purpose of acquiring custom to relieve daily lack of exercise, and to get close to sports.


 Rhythm exercises
Exercise classroom essential point. pdf(80.6KBytes)

The date

 Rhythm exercises Tuesday, October 8, 10th Thursday, 17th Thursday
 It starts at reception desk 19:00 at 18:45 for three days in total


 Nishizaki general gymnasium subarena


 Adult man and woman (30 capacity) living in the city

Entrance fee

 Free of charge


 Itoman-shi Board of Education Physical Education Section TEL: 098-840-8164

Application period

 We finish closing as soon as it reaches - capacity on Tuesday, September 24  ※Telephone receptionist is possible.


 1.Please prepare indoor shoes, towel, drink by each person in done clothes of exercise.
 2.When you suffer injuries, please join accident insurance by each person as we give only emergency measure, and organiser does not take any responsibility.


Board of Education leadership Physical Education Section
Person in charge of social physical education
Telephone: 098-840-8164