Payment of assistive device costs

February 5, 2014

Where supply is hoped for

Payment of assistive device costs

About assistive device which is supplement or substituting tool by obstacle on body, we provide with expense to be concerned with the purchase and repair.
When the purchase and repair of assistive device are necessary, please consult with Itoman-shi social welfare section (the first floor of the city hall eleventh window) beforehand by all means (as application receptionist after after the purchase and repair cannot do it, please be careful).
In addition, person targeted for care insurance will use care insurance services with precedence.

Eligible people

Person who possesses certificate of the physically disabled.
※But systems such as care insurance or workmen's accident take first priority and are applied. In addition, it is not for harness for treatment.

Type of assistive device

It is as follows about item.

Type of assistive device Item
Visual impairment Visual impairment blind person security stick, artificial eye, correction glasses, weak-eyed glasses, shading glasses
Hearing loss Hearing aid
The limbs inconvenience

Prosthetic limb, harness, wheelchair, electric wheelchair, walker, walk assistance stick, seat rank keeper, intention transmission device
※Children under 18 have others, seat rank maintenance chair, rising retainer, the head retainer, bowel movement retainer


  1. User submits "assistive device costs (the purchase, repair) supply application" and the following attached documents to Itoman-shi social welfare section (the first floor of the city hall eleventh window) [attached documents]
    • Medical statement of position about assistive device
    • Documents (written consent or income certificate of all the households) about matter which income requirements are necessary for for calculation of documents or other burden upper limit monthly bases to prove that it is the use eligible people
    • Quotation which affects expense required for the purchase of assistive device or repair
  2. City examines application contents, and they decide the right or wrong of payment of assistive device costs after judgment of Okinawa (person with a physical disability rebirth counselor's office). In addition, judgment may be unnecessary by type of assistive device
  3. When city decides to pay assistive device costs for user, they issue assistive device costs supply decision notification and assistive device costs supply ticket to user.
  4. User submits assistive device costs supply ticket to assistive device production (sale) company.
  5. User receives delivery of product from assistive device production (sale) company.
  6. As a general rule, user pays 10% of the price total amount to assistive device production (sale) company.
  7. Assistive device production (sale) company submits bill affecting the remaining price (assistive device costs) to city.

User burden

As a general rule, user bears 10% of expense required for the purchase of assistive device or repair.
However, we set the amount of upper limit to bear according to the following tables depending on the income situation of belonging household of user so that burdens on user do not increase too much.

Income division of user Burden upper limit monthly basis
Person of welfare household, person of inhabitants' tax tax exemption household 0 yen
Person of inhabitants' tax taxation household 37,200 yen

The inhabitants' tax income allotment with 460,000 yen or more amount of tax payment of most tax payer becomes out of supply object among the person and members of household (as for people 18 years or older only as for the person and the spouse)

About range of "household"

Burden upper limit monthly basis is set, but it is necessary to decide range of "household" of user to judge income division of user. We are set on the basis of personal unit as follows.

Classification Range of household

People with a disability 18 years or older
(except 18, 19 years old to enter facilities)

Impaired person and the spouse

Child with a disability (people with a disability under 18)
(including 18, 19 years old to enter facilities)

Household with belonging Basic Resident Register of protector

Assistive device supplier

About registration of the substitute receipt of assistive device costs

We register based on the next summary in Motoichi.

Summary about registration of assistive device supplier concerned with the substitute receipt of Itoman-shi assistive device costs. pdf

Registration application of assistive device supplier

The following submission of documents is necessary.

  1. Itoman-shi assistive device supplier registration application. docx
  2. Office record. docx
  3. Business record of qualifications and experience. docx
  4. Ground plan of office
  5. Financial statements (balance sheet and income statement)
  6. Full payment certificate (when we meet sole proprietor full payment certificate of municipal tax) of corporation municipal tax
  7. Register certified copy (when we meet sole proprietor resident's card abridgment)
  8. Articles of association

Report of change of assistive device supplier and abolition

Report about change and the abolition of business, please submit the following notification forms.

Itoman-shi assistive device supplier registration change notification form. docx

Itoman-shi assistive device supplier business abolition (stop, resumption) notification form. docx


Social welfare section
Protection obstacle person in charge
Telephone: 098-840-8103
Facsimile: 098-840-8152