Please be careful about new coronavirus-related false rumor and rumors

May 1, 2020

With infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease, various information plays in Internet or SNS, but information that is different from fact joins in that.
In citizen's all of you, please be careful not to make any calm correspondence being confused by intention, information that there is not of grounds based on correct information that country and Okinawa, city send to.

Please be careful about false rumors about infected person

When infected person is confirmed in the Okinawa prefecture, there is official announcement from Okinawa.
In Itoman-shi, we will tell on homepages of city as soon as infected person is confirmed in the city.
Please be careful not to be confused by information without other grounds.

The Okinawa health medical care part community health section "new coronavirus infectious disease development situation in Okinawa" (link to the outside site) 

Let's be careful about vip-off selling and fraud that took advantage of new coronavirus infectious disease expansion

We give new coronavirus measures room of each local government, and, about vicious example that took advantage of infectious disease expansion of new model coronavirus including example that email distributing new model coronavirus-affiliated grant to with example that received suspicious call to get personal information and cell-phone company name reached, National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan appeals for attention.
Even if doubtful email and SMS from source having no idea arrive, please do not cope. In addition, please do not pay attention to vicious company inviting which took advantage of new coronavirus.
Please connect with Okinawa consumer service center or Itoman-shi civic life Environment Division if you feel to be uneasy.

National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan homepage "(breaking news) which is careful about malicious business methods which took advantage of to new coronavirus" (link to the outside site)
・Okinawa consumer service center (☎098-863-9214)
・Itoman-shi government office civic life Environment Division (☎098-840-8123)

Please be careful about special fraud masquerading as payment of Supplementary Income Payment especially

Please be careful about fraud of "personal information" "bankbook, bank card" "password".

As for city hall or Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications asking for operation of automated-teller machine (ATM), absolute.
As for city hall or Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications demanding transfer of fee for payment of "special Supplementary Income Payment", absolute. 

・New coronavirus benefit connection consumers hot line (☎0120-213-188) time: From 10:00 to 16:00 (including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) to have days
・The nearest police station (or police consultation exclusive telephone (# 9110))


Civic life Environment Division
Telephone: 098-840-8123