The "volleyball club tida Nishizaki" donation presentation ceremony

June 17, 2020

We presented 10,000 yen that we wanted you to make use for the new coronavirus infectious disease prevention of elderly person, so sports Boy Scouts volleyball club "tida Nishizaki" recycled recyclable waste such as canned aluminum or old newspaper on June 16 and saved to city hall.
Riko Oshiro "helped family on behalf of team during closure of a school period and we made mask and spent. We told, please be pickled for Itoman-shi as you recycled canned aluminum or old newspaper and saved.
Mayor Akira Uehara who received donation "thank you very much that present donation from activity that always work on. It inflects as measures of new coronavirus infectious disease of Itoman-shi effectively. We spoke thanks saying please continue such a wonderful activity in future.
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