Announcement of benefit special in Itoman-shi single-parent household temporariness

August 3, 2020


 Under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease, we provide meeting the following requirements with benefit in particular in single-parent household temporariness to perform support for increase of child care burden on such household and decrease of income based on particularly big difficulty occurring in mind and body in single-parent household of low-income person taking child care and work alone.

Target person

 (1) Person who receives supply of Child Rearing Allowance for June, 2020
 (2) Person who applied for Child Rearing Allowance by May, 2020, and received authorization afterwards
  ※Supply eligible people assume recipient of Child Rearing Allowance. (it excludes the total amount supply stop person of Child Rearing Allowance)

Payment of benefit application

 We do not need application (we transfer to account which for Child Rearing Allowance June is transferred to in around the end of August.)

Amount of money that is paid

 It is 10,000 yen per one child

Counter in charge

 Itoman-shi government office child future section
 1-1, Shiozakicho, Itoman-shi
 Telephone: 098-840-8191

Word concerned


Child future section
Telephone: 098-840-8191