About securing of house benefit

August 13, 2020

Securing of house benefit is system supporting for house and security at working opportunity by being in a situation at the same level as quitting a job and business closing by decrease such as job opportunity not to depend on reason, convenience that should come to quitting a job and the self-employed abolition or personal responsibility, and being poor economically, and providing which lost house or which might lose house with securing of house benefit (there is limit) for rent equivalency.

 ・"Reason that opportunity to get salaries should put the blame of on the personal responsibility concerned decreased without depending on convenience of the individual concerned, and payment came to be performed for in the situation at the same level as quitting a job and business closing" from April 20, 2020.

・Taking the change of economic situation associated with coronavirus infectious disease newer than April 30, 2020 into consideration, job search important matter is relaxed partly for the time being.

・We let various requirements such as income, assets fill and become a target.

※About detailed contents, please see brochure of securing of house benefit.


 It is (173KBytes) about securing of house benefit


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