Comments and Requests

■About opinion, request

In Itoman-shi, we accept opinion for municipal administration and request.
We will send opinion, request that had you approach to section in charge of the desk work concerned after having registered in the secretary public relations section.
About a certain opinion that you wish to reply, we will reply from department in charge directly.
In addition, please refer to department in charge for urgent consultation directly.

■About public announcement

About opinion, request and the answer, please note that you may announce in Motoichi homepage after having edited personal information.


Please confirm the following items before the use.

  1. When you wish to make a reply from city, please input "full name" (full name) "contact information" (phone number or e-mail address) by all means. When there is not input, as a general rule, we will not reply. In addition, about input by anonymity, we do not make a reply from the handling, city as opinion, request either. Thank you for your understanding.
  2. When answer to e-mail address with cell-phone is hoped for, please cancel setting to refuse email reception from PC.
  3. As we perform investigation, examination in the department in charge and reply about opinion, request that had you approach, we may need time depending on item to some extent.
  4. Please note that you do not take thing which is similar to various investigations and questionnaires or this at all.

As a general rule, applicable thing will not reply next. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Thing that full name (full name) is unidentified
  • Phone number or thing that e-mail address is unclear
  • Contents of opinion, request or thing that intention is uncertain
  • We slander someone else and group and we slander or discriminate
  • It was aimed for profit


※When you cannot confirm form from carrying, please do correspondence same as this site↓
About "security alert" of "homepage
※Personal information that had you fill out and contribution contents encrypt, and they are protected by SSL communication.

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