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Itoman Harley

June 15, 2016
 Harley gong resounds, and the rainy season of southern country is over―
                  It is beginning of festival of brave men
 It is said that the rainy season is over when Harley gong sounds from the old days, but we thank blessing of the sea every year in district among Itoman fishing ports in Itoman on May 4 of the old calendar and pray for further big catch and voyage security, and brave Itoman Harley is performed.
 Is said that is the lord of a castle of Tomigusuku in the old times (is said to be 580 years ago 450 years ago), and Itoman Harley told this ground by event that Ouso Ou that it was King Minamiyama later saw in China, and settle in people local for one of's two biggest annual functions of Itoman along with Itoman general rules pull performed now on August 15 in the old calendar, and is grand as festival of the only sea; hold.

 Because this event is festival of uminchu (fisherman) to pray for big catch and voyage security, ealdorman of Itoman fishermen's cooperative association which is representative of fishermen acts as Chairperson Gyoji and is held with Itoman-shi and cooperation of local people now.
 In addition, the tradition is still followed and is divided into Nishimura, Nakamura who are communities in the old times, three irregularities of Niijima because it is old traditional event of Itoman and is performed by irregularity opposition. hareshinka (member in boat of Harley) of 12 people (and we shoot, and, as for one person, Buddha's wish for salvation of the world Verley, defi is added one ten rowers, steering one, gong 13) boards each Harley ship (sabani) and competes for ascendancy for honor of each irregularity.
 For Harley boat race carried out, there are high school student boat race by competition by irregularity opposition such as Buddha's wish for salvation of the world Verley (guruuguwan), agaisubu, kunnukase (overturn boat race), junior high student Verley, young people's association Verley and participation of local people, teacher corps boat race, job area boat race, and, also, duck collecting of the public participation, watermelon collecting competition is performed now, too. History is the oldest, and agaisubu has goganji (Shinto ritual) and ceremony of this event and deep relation with Buddha's wish for salvation of the world Verley in that and is done with competition to represent for a long time this event.
 On the day of the event, Buddha's wish for salvation of the world of Harley in conformity with ancient rite is held by Minamiyama null and Itoman null, godlike people controlling religious service with summit of a mountain hair (santimmo: hill in central part of character Itoman) from early morning. It is custom that competition of Buddha's wish for salvation of the world Verley is held when Buddha's wish for salvation of the world is finished.
 When Buddha's wish for salvation of the world Verley is over, hareshinka goes on first-come-first-served basis of boat race in silver temple (ibimme) which is patron saint of character Itoman, and each representative receives cup from godlike person. Afterwards, we make circle in the precincts and we sing song of Harley of each irregularity and are to dedicate. In the godlike people, sushi (haisho of Palace of the Dragon King) in the shore close to silver temple is to report that Buddha's wish for salvation of the world Verley was finished safely to God of Palace of the Dragon King after hareshinka returned.

  In addition, we float village ship (now the headquarters ship of event Committee) on the center of port in conformity with ancient rite, and, before competition start of upper agaisubu giving glory to the last of event, there is ceremony that does this neighborhood three laps counterclockwise while Harley ship of agaisubu of each irregularity sings song of Harley in order of Nishimura, Nakamura, Niijima into a circle form.
 Because we row power and the skill with every effort while competing, and agaisubu pulls distance of prolonged 2,150m (as for Buddha's wish for salvation of the world Verley 850m) in Harley boat race, and it is in the best place showing disposition of man of the sea, it prepares the best honor of this event and rower of picking out that physical strength, ability excelled in with each irregularity together because it is done, and score of this championship team all the more is big and greatly controls overall victory of competition depending on order of this to win the championship in this and faces game with stable preparations.

 When agaisubu is over, hareshinka goes to nun (null house of Itoman) in order of Nishimura, Nakamura, Niijima in conformity with ancient rite regardless of order of boat race and goes at the gate while singing in song of Harley in the lyrics of "it is riba incense sa containing gate of a palace, income riba sho ti, dandu family budget, the sho i beauty and others". And all the sinkers receive cup from "null" and they sing and are to dedicate Harley song of each irregularity in garden.

 Thus, Harley of Itoman begins in Buddha's wish for salvation of the world and is said to be event to be over in Buddha's wish for salvation of the world, and Harley boat race begins from Buddha's wish for salvation of the world Verley, too, and entertainment-like boat races such as junior high student Verley, kunnukase, job area boat race continue and are to complete last in agaisubu.  Massages (woman) of Itoman that does not participate in competition support Harley ship of own village enthusiastically.

For more than 30000 visitors, a lot of foreigners are events that are full of international atmosphere, too.  In Itoman-shi, traditional Harley is performed other than Itoman Harley in character Kyan, the character fine castle.


[venue] District out of Itoman fishing port
[sponsorship] Itoman Harley event Committee (☎098-992-2011 in Itoman-shi 603-1, Itoman Itoman fishermen's cooperative association)

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