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The ruins of Gushikawa-jo Castle

December 25, 2018
The ruins of Gushikawa-jo Castle   The time required indication: 20 minutes
The ruins of Gushikawa-jo Castle
The ruins of Gushikawa-jo Castle 2

"The site of castle which can overlook the Pacific"

The ruins of Gushikawa-jo Castle got to cliff of about 17m above sea level to be located in the southernmost character Tomoyuki Kyan riverbank of Okinawa Island. The accurate castle number of years is unidentified, but is like used castle from excavated remains for the from thirteenth century to 15th century while it has short average. There is stone wall of surface stacking that piled up stone of nature as if measuring up to cliffs. There is spouting hole (we do) abreast of the sea, and there is legend that the Gushikawa lord of a castle who escaped from Kumejima built. Mikata faces the sea other than the neighborhood of front gate and is superb view spot that can overlook the Pacific. We observe the site of castle, and a lot of people enjoying fishing and surfing through the year come.

[place] 〒 901-0354 1730-1, Kyan, Itoman-shi, Okinawa
[time] 7 days a week
[parking lot] None

[access in itochan mini]
 The nearest bus stop: The ruins of M-17 Gushikawa-jo Castle
 Making a reservation: 098-840-3210
 For more information:

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