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[finished in all schedules] Peace sieve Lumi nation which there is the 19th, and is not rich

October 25, 2017

 ※We finished all schedules of peace sieve Lumi nation which there was the 19th, and was not rich on January 3, 2018 on January 4. All of you who had you arrive really thank.
 ※As it is expected that neighboring roads and the illuminations venue are crowded very much over New Year holidays on December 27,
            Visit planned customer hopes that we have it be understood beforehand. 
 ※We publish flyer after the correction that stage event information listed on the back of the flyer on December 22 had change.
 ※Modified contents
 We deleted ⇒ SNG in ITOMAN on Saturday, December 23 and published performer in order of appearance.
 We added Hawaiian live to ⇒ program on Monday, December 25.
 We published ⇒ performer in order of appearance on Saturday, December 30.
 We deleted ⇒ peace sign on Sunday, December 31 and changed order of appearance of SOAK and Civilian Skunk. Seeing the old year out live becomes SOAK.
 ※We added a postscript about venue, advance sale ticket on November 14.
 Holding of "peace sieve Lumi nation which was, and was not rich" was decided this year!
 As detailed information of event including stage and fireworks updates article as soon as we are selected, I would like confirmation♪

Peace sieve Lumi nation holding summary which is, and is not rich

From Saturday, December 16, 2017 to Wednesday, January 3, 2018 
Opening 17:30 ..., lighting from 18:00 to 22:00 (only on December 31 until 24:30)
Itoman-shi Tourist Farm (uchina farm) (1018, Mabuni, Itoman-shi)
There is Roadside Station and is not rich (arcade)
⇒We will decorate illuminations in a part of the arcade which there is Roadside Station from this year, and is not rich! (admission for free)
[money of admission (business cooperation)]
It is customer of visit for from Saturday, December 16 to Tuesday, January 3 : It is 500 yen more than high school student
※It is only venue of Itoman-shi Tourist Farm that entrance rate incurs. 
※Less than junior high student are free. 
※We sell advance sale ticket in Itoman-shi Sightseeing Association (4-20-4, Nishizakicho, Itoman-shi Roadside Station information building to be, and not to be rich) in period of from Thursday, November 23 to Wednesday, January 3,
More than high school student: It becomes affordable with 300 yen♪
[in case of visit ask] 
<about companion of pet>
 Because there are many trouble examples in venue about pet, I decline entrance by animal companions such as dog and cat entirely. (but service dog is excluded ※)

<to wheelchair use customer>
 We prepare wheelchair in venue, but number is limited. We would appreciate your arriving with wheelchair to own.
<about visit in group including obstacle, nursing facility> 
 We guide to parking lot taking down wheelchair. Please connect with our secretariat beforehand.
<about admission of impaired person>
 As for the person having disability certificate, one (to one person) of notebook accompanying the owner becomes free.  
※Admission becomes the handling only for cash.
1 without companion of protector after 21:00 declines visit of less than high school student, younger than 2.18 years.

Event information

[starlight wink]
We turn off the light by electricity of the whole venue all at once and express wink by turning on again☆
The date and time: It is 20:00 every day during period for from Saturday, December 16 to Wednesday, January 3
Place: The whole area in garden
[pillar of light of peace]
It is pillar of peace to pass more than 4 kilometers of sky, and to be brilliant.
The date and time: From Saturday, December 16 to Wednesday, January 3 from 18:00 to 22:00 (on December 31 until 24:30)
Place: Heiwakinen Park
Admission: Free of charge 
Pillar of light of peace 
We update information by article as soon as other event content is decided!

Access to venue

[by car customer of the use]
Parking number is limited. We ride on, and I would like visit by (riding together).
<parking lot> Tourist Farm parking lot, Heiwakinen Park (shuttle bus service between parking lot)
[by bus customer of the use]
○Naha → To Itoman bus terminal
 "Naha Asahi Bridge bus terminal" ... "Itoman bus terminal" (the 89th/time required about 45-60 share)
 (when we go by way of monorail → bus from Naha Airport)
 Yui Rail "Naha-Airport Station" ... "Akamine Station" (time required about four minutes)
 "Akamine station square bus stop" ... "Itoman bus terminal" (the 89th/time required about 30-40 share)
○Itoman bus terminal → Product for Heiwakinen Park areas
 "Itoman bus terminal" ... "peace prayer temple entrance" (the 82nd/time required about 20-30 share)
 Last bus of the day Platform 82 weekdays from peaceful prayer temple entrance bus stop for Itoman bus terminals → 20:59 (for the last time)/Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays → 20:14 (for the last time)
※1) As there is little service number, please confirm time for bus beforehand.
※2) The details such as timetables are http://www.busnavi-okinawa.com/map/
※3) Bus branch office inquiry Ryukyu bus Itoman branch office ☎098-992-2017/ Okinawa bus Itoman branch office ☎098-992-2008
[by taxi customer of the use]
From Naha Airport to Heiwakinen Park about 3,500 yen - 4,000 yen (please consider as indication.) (time required/about 45-60 share)

State of venue of last year

We show only some states of venue♪
State 1 of venueState 2 of venueState 3 of venueState 4 of venue
State 6 of venueState 7 of venue
★★ We support "peace sieve Lumi nation which there is the 19th, and is not rich"! ★★


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries environment, chemical engineering


Itoman-shi percussion cap business cooperative association Association of Itoman-shi construction industry
Itoman driving school Ken Corporation
Itoman-shi surveying design association OKINAWA CELLULAR TELEPHONE



Class Kure shop

Okinawa fireworks This and firewood. jpg


Okinawa agricultural cooperative Itoman Branch

fusorogo. jpg

Kaiho vendor industry

Kaiho vendor industry

Okinawa Matsubara

Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa

Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa

Fishermen's cooperative association

Itoman fishermen's cooperative association

Yamashiro oil

Yamashiro oil

Hotel sports lodge Itoman

Light construction

Artificial pond facilities          


masahiro brewing






; chew, and serve, and design


Okinawa plastic industry


denkogidate consultant 

The east design studio 

Toyo engineering

Marusho development 


Marusho development

Brainy person Okinawa

Optical communication industry

Water ing Okinawa Office 

South light development 

Brainy person Okinawa


Something four Nishizaki

The beauty and others Island sightseeing bus 

Height of Fuji industry

Nisshin firm 



Tea Dunnett Company

A-CREATE Okinawa 


☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆




Medical corporation horizontal meeting 

Tree of beans clinic

kabushikikaishakyoyo engineering  Size wealth construction consultation  Studio planning  Ryukyu Ina
 One uncultivated soil beneath the surface of the field tree drawing office

 Gushiken building design


Engineer Otakara  

Daiwa coldness and zeal


 The offing Bridge


 Art design   The present age design Ocean engineering works consultant    MAKIYA equipment design  Yonamine surveying design 
Asia Giken   Kuniyoshi design   Daiichi Kensetsu  


Adaniya equipment design

 Southern motors
 A are G  Kuniken  

 Construction meter out of company


 Okinawa VIC

  Okinawa gas living 


 Institute for Esstee environmental design  Country judgment center  

 The morning sun construction


 Kaisei business  Okinawa gas 
 okirobo   Turf rock engineering   kabushikikaishatokyusan*kei   Electric engineering works between the outside  Okinawa basics 
 ozekku   Matsumura Electric mill Okinawa Office 


tonan engineering 


Koga, Okinawa waterproofing industry



Civil engineering   

 Matsuda, extending meter


City science policy research institute

Cherry tree design studio    Okinawa quality of the water improvement
 Byron Okinawa  The combination of the three subjects  Teruya construction of public works   Toho construction consultation     Kyowa paint
 Okinawa DAIKEN   Uehara engineering works  Nanjo technology development   teridensha    Upper castle technical information
 Okinawa planning    Shinkai engineering works design  nanshin    ; newly


Island piano center

 Okinawa land judgment     Nishizaki encouragement of new industry 


heki konsarutantsu

Chenghua development   Hokuto design

 The Okinawa center


Nishizaki waterproofing industry  


kuni engineering 


Nishizaki green tract of land development 

Meiwa system 


 Okinawa engineering works design consultant   Facilities research institute   All ages consultant   Size Sakae construction of public works 

Okinawa Tourist Service



Okinawa real estate synthesis judgment place 

  Futaba surveying design   Hama design It is built of delight shop   JTB Okinawa 


Okinawa site surveying design   

 Synthesis design Tamaki


Run; engineering 

Nakajima Kogyo    Jimmy
Environmental design Kuniken   Synthesis engineering works    ; run, and design engineering works   Nagamine industry  Surveying design in Asia 


Marushima construction consultation   

  kabushikikaishadaikankumi kyosusumigiken  Seven Sisters industry  


 Daito engineering

 Marufuku     Daiki   Akari design  Ishikawa parts shop Kyowa drawing office 


Kyowa construction consultation    



Agora engineering

Okinawa design center  Mitsuya magnetism surveying 
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"Light of peace" business executive committee (Itoman-shi business and industry sightseeing inside of a section)
☎098-840-8135 (9:00-17:00) ※Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are excluded.










Peace sieve Lumi nation venue which is, and is not rich


Commercial and industrial Tourism Division
Sightseeing promotion person in charge
Telephone: 098-840-8135