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[2016] About Harley Harley event schedule

May 31, 2016

<Itoman Harley>

 ■The date and time: (boys and girls Verley, within the gate Verley) Tuesday, June 7 2:00 p.m. ...

     (this Verley) Wednesday, June 8 9:15 a.m. ... (as for the boat race start 10:00 ...)

 ■Venue: District out of Itoman fishing port

 ■Inquiry: ☎098-992-2011 (Itoman Harley event Committee)

 ※The details such as program, parking lot are this.

 ※The last state is this.

 ※Summary, history are this.


<fine castle Harley>

 ■The date and time: Wednesday, June 8 8:00 a.m. ... (boat race starts after the opening ceremony)

 ■Venue: The north fine castle beach (the west beach) 

 ※The last state is this


<Kyan Harley>

 ■The date and time: Sunday, June 12 9:00 a.m. ...

 ■Venue: Kyan fishing port

 ■Inquiry: ☎098-997-3665 (Kyan public hall)

 ※The last state is this.


★Tourist brochure of Itoman-shi from this★


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Harley Harley venue


Commercial and industrial Tourism Division
Sightseeing promotion person in charge
Telephone: 098-840-8135