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Well, let's go out! ... itochan mini

October 2, 2018


itochan mini demand (reservation type)


 Use of itochan miniHP image -01-1000.jpg


We perform tour bus "itochan mini" in Itoman-shi examination service.

Place that we want to get on and off and demand traffic, that which can choose the departure time freely are "itochan mini".


In itochan mini, saa will go out!

About service of typhoon approach noitochan mini

  About service of "itochan mini" at the time of typhoon approach, suspension surebaitochan mini is suspended route bus according to the service situation of route bus of Okinawa Island district, too.
About the service situation of route bus, please confirm association of Okinawa bus homepage.

▼"Service information → Motojima of route bus" http://www.bus-okinawa.or.jp/ 


※As part of safety measures in consideration of the approach situation of typhoon, we may knock over "temporary bus stop" beforehand. Thank you for your understanding. 

Examination service plan period

  From April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2021 (from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2021)

※It is going to travel and may be changed during period.

Service time

 From 9:00 to 17:00

Reservation center

☎(098) 840-3210  


Time in: From 8:30 to 16:30

Itoman-shi Sightseeing Association


※itochan mini completely needs reservations. 

Internet Reservation

 We click this → << Web registration/reservation site≫  

Fare table


Distance in a straight line between bus stop

To 3km To 6km To 9km More than 9km
Adult fare (more than high school student)  300 yen 400 yen  500 yen  600 yen
 Child fare (the small, junior high student) 150 yen  200 yen  250 yen 300 yen 
 Person with a disability/license return person  150 yen 200 yen  250 yen  300 yen 

▶Infant (less than primary schoolchild from 1 year or older): Free of charge to two people by protector companion (from the third child fare).

▶Baby (0 years old): We are free of charge by protector companion.

▶Person with a disability: The presentation of disability certificate is necessary.

▶License return person: It is limited to people 65 years or older (the presentation of driving career certificate is necessary).

Advantageous coupon

  Coupon is recommended to person using well! We can purchase ticket for 12 times with amount of money for ten times.

The purchase to the inside of car or beauty and others Island Office


For 3,000 yen coupon (*12 piece of 300 yen)

For 1,000 yen coupon (*12 piece of 100 yen)

 For 500 yen coupon (*12 piece of 50 yen)

 For 800 yen coupon (*12 piece of 80 yen)

The beauty and others Island Office

※As a general rule, refund of coupon during service period is not possible.

It can be accepted by state at the time of the purchase spelled to 12 pieces only in the beauty and others Island Office if you have receipt.

Bus stop map

 Until the end of September, 2018

 Bus stop map. pdf(1.58MBytes)

From October, 2018

Bus stop map October - .pdf(1.17MBytes)


When want to see finely; this → << google map version≫ 

How to get on


 itochan mini how to get on guidance. pdf(765KBytes)

※itochan mini except bus stop cannot get in and out. 



itochan mini Kuniyoshi line (periodical service)


  Periodical service bus, "itochan mini Kuniyoshi line" came up in itochan mini.

 Route and time are the same as the 86th Kuniyoshi line (the Maezato circumference) which Ryukyu bus operated.

※As itochan mini Kuniyoshi flight is periodical service, we do not need reservation.

For more information: → itochan mini Kuniyoshi line. pdf(1.84MBytes)


Civic life Environment Division
Person in charge of civic life
Telephone: 098-840-8123
Facsimile: 098-840-8155