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Motoichi is located from Naha-shi to the south to 12km in the southernmost tip of Okinawa Island, 26°8'N, 127°40'E.





The southern part of Okinawa Island assumes Shimajiri formation bedrock and becomes the topography structure that Ryukyu limestone covers the top, and Motoichi is comprised of these both geological features mainly, too. In this Shimajiri formation and area consisting of Ryukyu limestone, dislocation runs in length and breadth and is factor to form border of collection of ground or immediate cliff. And central city area and reclaimed land whole area of northwest area along the shore consist of alluvial beds such as small clay or sand.


In addition, the soil is affected by geological feature structure, and manure well sad jar gal with water retentivity is distributed over area consisting of Shimajiri formations, and red Shimajiri merge lacking in water retentivity is distributed over area consisting of Ryukyu limestone.


In the northern part where Shimajiri formation is seen in, it is in the hill topography with comparative change that gentle slope and steep slope weave when we see the topography, and there is Mt. Yoza of 168m above sea level in the eastern part. In contrast, in the southern part, it is in tilt block where flatness side was cut by dislocation of limestone plateau from central part covered with Ryukyu limestone and is the topography consisting of plateau group having escarpment to gentle slope, north to the south that repeated tiled roofs. And coral reef spreads under the cliff from Mabuni Hill and can thoroughly enjoy wonderful view. In addition, reclaimed land and city area consisting of northwest alluvial beds form flat low land.


Water system plays report profit river of about 10km in total length across city from the east to the west.


The weather

We belong, and annual mean air temperature is 22 degrees Celsius - 23 degrees Celsius, and temperature range of the year is small, and, in located Okinawa Island of Motoichi, it is subtropical oceanic climate poor climate for change of the four seasons. In addition, considerably hot and humid day at the same level as the tropical zone continues a lot on day more than 30 degrees Celsius when it is the summer because, in addition, humidity becomes 80% or more.


It is a lot, but there is few, and, as for the precipitation, the rainfall may be annoyed by drought with around 2,000mm a year depending on year.



46.63 square kilometers (as of October 1, 2017)



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