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 In the Itoman-shi mayoral election of June 7, we have warm support of citizen's all of you and are Naotaka Tome who took office as Mayor Itoman. We sincerely offer my gratitude for citizen's all of you.
Firstly we wish to express deepest sympathy to family of person who died by new coronavirus heartily and would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to and your family contracted a disease. In addition, we offer my gratitude for various places that continue making an effort to achieve responsibilities at the risk of life deeply to support our life and living while facing infection risk.
 I "now also challenge for the making of Itoman-shi to be able to boast of to future children!" Then we advocated many pledges. In response to mandate of not only realization but also citizen's all of the pledges, we throw a ball for the making of Itoman-shi with all efforts.
 Well, emergency declaration was delivered in the whole country by new coronavirus infectious disease expansion, and Japanese economy was forced to stagnation, reduction. Requesting the preparation from companies in crisis of citizen and business closing that lost job to assistance measures for corona shock and the second wave, the third wave some said. Improvement of assistance measures to prop up civic life and living, continuation of office from sent many voices keenly realizes that it is important by Itoman municipal administration administration of corona whirlpool.
 It was "politics that we snuggled up to citizen, and heart passed" that was pursued in Itoman-shi, and, as for me, that strongly reported leader whom it was possible for during election period when it was this election that decided.
"Politics that citizen's snuggle up, and mind went" to becomes my politics creed through volunteer activity in area and member of city assembly activity of the second six and a half years for a little less than 30 years, and that is because we felt that it is necessary to aim at area symbiosis society (society making area together). To that end, it always thinks by civic viewpoint, and it considers to run administration that reflected the citizen's general will for posture to walk together that necessary.
 We make voice of corona measures form. And citizen-centered town development that people shine namely "politics that citizen's snuggle up, and mind went" to is necessary for town living in to continue having attachment and pride forever.
 We will push forward the making of "livable Itoman-shi where it may be said, you were allowed to live" including realization of pledge that we advocated to make request of corona measures form steadily.
Besides, we plan much business, but are convinced that the future of Itoman-shi becomes good surely by considering various measures, and taking decisive action. I would like the big help of Itoman citizen, the city company and the staff.
As we will make funkotsusaimidoryoku for improvement in welfare of citizen's all of you, for further development of Itoman-shi, we sincerely hope to have your more support and cooperation.
 In closing, citizen's all of you have request.
Because we cannot completely remove virus and bacteria, it must shift to virus and new lifestyle to live together while assuming second wave, the third wave of new Corona.
 To that end, securing of physical distance must be conscious of many things other than evasion of "3 is dense", temperature check thorough hand-washing, finger sterilization, cough etiquette, ventilation.
We assist each other to keep you and important human life and living and do heart in one and will get over this critical situation together.

July, 2020 lucky day

Mayor Itoman Naotaka Tome


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