The yesterday's access ranking


Update day: 2020/08/13
  1. The first place Outbreak situation 3366view of patients with new coronavirus infectious disease
  2. The second place  New coronavirus infectious disease related information [8/7 lei out change] 560view
  3. The third place  Related information 321view of prevention of new coronavirus infection spread
  4. 4.It is 318view about duties resumption in charge of Tax Affairs Section storing
  5. 5.2020 Itoman-shi staff adoption candidate examination guidance 195view
  6. 6.It is 129view about correspondence of elementary and junior high school accompanied with prevention of coronavirus infection spread new after August, 2020
  7. 7.Mayor Itoman emergency message 112view accompanied with new coronavirus infection spread
  8. 8.News (the opening calendar others) 107view from library
  9. 9.It is 100view about urgent measures business about preventive measures against Itoman-shi new model coronavirus infection
  10. 10.In education, the child-care facility, it is entrance ... common question Q&A - 95view
  11. 11.Plant which we do not order from foreign countries is 91view about correspondence when it arrived
  12. 12.[public announcement of the choice result] is 88view about enforcement of open call for participants type proposal to affect Itoman municipal house reproduction housing complex plan revision duties
  13. 13.It is 83view about how to put out garbage
  14. 14.It is 81view about public announcement of auction result
  15. 15.Broad-mindedness beach shore (John ten thousand beach) 72view
  16. 16.It is 69view including correspondence of child-care facility and elementary and junior high school [accompanied with new coronavirus infection spread]
  17. 17.It is 68view about going to kindergarten self-restraint request of education, child-care facility for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread
  18. 18.It is 66view about self-import of garbage
  19. 19."Itoman-shi homepage" formula banner 63view
  20. 20.[re-offer!] Bonus yu! kyuryokasanyu! Recruitment of staff of 2020 Itoman-shi fiscal year appointment 60view