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Big Sakurajima daikon which "was like turnip" came over (H23 .3.2)

On March 2, approximately 15 kilos in weight, Sakurajima daikon two of approximately 1 meter of waist reached Komesu Elementary School (Principal Hiroko Uehara), and, at morning whole school morning gathering that kindergartener invited, it was the first announcement.

Sakurajima daikon is the world's biggest Japanese radish authorized with special product of Kagoshima by Guinness Book of World Records. Sakurajima of straight production center continues erupting with the history that repeated eruption frequently now in 2011. It is the present conditions that production of Sakurajima daikons decreases by consumption slump, aging of producer, successor absence, damage (fall of ash, climbing a mountain regulation) by volcanic activity of Sakurajima year by year. Still Hinata Kazuaki resident in the city got cooperation of Akito Konishi (Tokyo) of friend who continued giving Zamamison university root and realized when used to the teaching materials of learning of children.

Volcanic ashes which are indispensable for production of university roots arrive at morning gathering together and study states of estate. While which "we have not seen which such, was big" was surprised saying "it is heavy at all", children who looked at Sakurajima daikon for the first time pulled like talk of "big turnip" and lifted.

Tokumoto Jin (six years) "is heavier than buying in supermarket. We look forward to what kind of taste it is. When damage included students of school in Sakurajima in ash, we told, we think that it was more serious than us. Introduced Sakurajima daikon makes pickle and has deliciously together.

Children in response to explanation of Sakurajima daikon

Approximately 15 kilos!


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